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Bloom Children’s House is a preschool that welcomes children ages 3 to 6. Children work independently or in small groups on specially designed, age-appropriate resources that foster independence and a love for learning from an early age through Activities of Everyday Living; Sensorial, Numeracy, and Literacy Learning; and Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
Children learn control of fine movement and gross motor skills through play and movement. Children also participate in music and creative expression. Teachers help develop the child's sense of order, concentration, and coordination.

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Bloom Sarajevo Primary School welcomes children ages 6 to 14. The Montessori philosophy and method is the canvas used to teach the local curriculum in English with an emphasis on extended individual or group projects and research. Specialist subject teaching is introduced from the grade 6 upward. The school also runs the Cambridge Secondary 1 programme alongside the official cantonal curriculum in grades 7, 8 and 9.

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Bloom International High School welcomes youth ages 15 to 19. The High School offers a range of Cambridge IGCSEs and International A and AS level for students. The curriculum is unique to Bloom in its design. The youth have a few core subjects that are mandatory for all and can then expand this curriculum to add breadth and cross-curricular perspectives according to their interests. Bloom high school blends elements of the Montessori Erdkinder model with elements developed by exemplary secondary schools during the past twenty years.

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