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Our Schools

Bloom’s Preschool, Primary School, and International High School welcomes children and youth ages 3 to 19. The Sarajevo-based Bloom School is a fully-registered education institution in the Canton of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Bloom’s Children’s House is a preschool that welcomes children ages 3 to 6. Children’s House is an exemplar in the Montessori philosophy and method, a holistic educational approach that aims to develop the whole child. Fundamental to this approach is the belief that a child's early years, from birth to six, are their prime learning years.


Primary School

Bloom’s Primary School welcomes children ages 6 to 14. The Montessori philosophy and method is the canvas used to teach the local curriculum in English, with an emphasis on extended individual or group projects, and research. Specialist subject teaching is introduced in grade 6. Bloom also offers the Cambridge Secondary 1 programme alongside the official Cantonal curriculum in grades 7, 8 and 9. At the end of this cycle, children may choose to sit for the following exams: Eksterna Matura, Cambridge Checkpoint or both, depending on the parent and student’s decision.


High School

Bloom’s International High School welcomes youth ages 15 to 19, and offers a range of Cambridge IGCSEs and International A and AS level courses to students. The school curriculum is unique to Bloom in its design. Youth have a few core subjects that are mandatory for all, but they are able to expand this curriculum to add breadth and cross-curricular perspectives according to their interests.


Performing Arts

The Bloom Performing Arts Programme provides students of all ages with a supportive, cooperative environment in which to explore the fine and performing arts. We believe that the arts are an exciting and essential part of the learning process and that artistic talent is innate and waiting to be developed in every person.


Our Programme

„We are big fans of the school as one of the finest in applying the Montessori Method and as carrying out the silent revolution of the education system so desperately needed. Hardly any week goes by without Bloom being mentioned in one way or another in our family. We miss you very much!"

Mihaela and Thomas Osorio

The teachers were very sensitive with recognizing his strengths and weaknesses and supported him whenever needed. They gave him a lot of time to explore the classroom and to get in contact with the Montessori materials.

Former Bloom parents, Heike Link & Clemens Zvacek

School is not about how fast can a child learn to read, write and count. That comes by itself when child is ready to embark into that world. Most of the schools expect from a child exactly that! Bloom is different. Each child is treated according to individual needs as for behavior, as for academic achievements. With that approach, everything fell into place by itself. We, as parents, can relax and enjoy the journey. We simply love it.

Maja & Elvir Teršek
Bosnia & Herzegovina

When the time came that we had to leave the school, we had a very difficult time, as the Bloom was the only school we knew, the only school that was ever an option for us. Bloom made our two children feel safe, happy and confident. Thank you Bloom for teaching our children how to be comfortable with who they are!

Former Bloom Parents, Sabina Žunić & Jasmin Osmanagić

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